Nano Videos: Nano Nuggets and More

These videos focus on interesting developments and events in the field of nanotechnology. You can also visit NanoTube, the NNI's YouTube channel.

In honor of National Nanotechnology Day, Stories from the NNI podcast episodes will be regularly posted. Continue to check back to see more!

How do Doctors Target Cancer Cells?

While the tools that allow scientists to work at the nanoscale have only been around for a few decades, biology has always operated at the nanoscale.

A Different Feel, Mindset, and Sense of Urgency: Collaborating with Industry

Dr. Sara Brenner, a preventive medicine physician, chats about studying engineered nanomaterials as they relate to worker health and safety, preparing students to blaze their own trail, and how the interdisciplinary nature of nanotechnology could be the model for training the future workforce.

Managing Expectations: Making it to the Sweet Spot with a Nanotech Business

Dr. Baratunde Cola discusses building his company, making nanotechnology seem less scary, and the need for “passion and sobriety” when it comes to the expectations of working at a small nanotechnology company.

Research as a Springboard for Student Innovation

Brandon Carpenter, an entrepreneur on the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 in science list, discusses his nanotechnology company, the challenges he’s facing, and the supportive ecosystem that helped him start his own company at 25 years old.

If You Were a Nanometer Tall, How Long Would It Take to Walk Across a Dollar?

In this episode of Stories from the NNI, Dr. Nancy Healy chats about why we need a nano-literate public, the skills future scientists need, and how the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure is a “one-stop shop” for nanotechnology.

Introducing Nanotechnology into the Chemistry Classroom

Ms. Rukes discusses how she's integrated nanotechnology into her chemistry classroom.

What's new at the interface between nanotechnology and biology?

Nano Nugget featuring Dr. Rotello from the University of Massachusetts

How will nanotechnology impact research in the next 5 years?

Nano Nugget featuring Dr. Sunkara from the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure Kentucky Multi-Scale Manufacturing and Nano Integration Node

Student Leaders Conference 2017

Students in the Nano and Emerging Technologies Network organized and attended the 2017 Student Leaders Conference.

How is nanotechnology improving the formation of pharmaceutically relevant chemicals?

Nano Nugget featuring Dr. Gadzikwa from Kansas State University